A new organic vitamin and mineral liquid supplement has been launched for children aged 12 months up to 12 years.
The mango-flavoured Jurassic Juice - which along with the packaging has been designed to appeal to children - contains major vitamins and minerals, as well as 70 organic colloidal trace minerals, including selenium, copper and chromium. The liquid format allows the nutrients to be absorbed efficiently. Ann Redfern, co-founder of Good Health Naturally which makes the product, said it answered parents’ concerns over their children’s deteriorating diets. Jurassic Juice is available over the internet but the company is speaking to the multiples and health shops. Redfern said Jurassic Juice would fit well with vitamins and supplements in store.
Jurassic Juice will retail at £12.95 for 473ml, equating to an average daily cost of 20p.