A row has broken out over claims by the snacks industry that it does not advertise its products to children.

The dispute centres on a briefing issued by the UK Snacks, Nuts and Crisps Manufacturers Association (SNACMA) to update interested parties on the sector's position on TV advertising of snacks following Ofcom's restrictions on advertising food and drink to children.

In the report SNACMA said: "Put simply, the snack industry does not advertise to children."

But the Children's Food Campaign, which received the report , branded the claim "highly misleading" and "a desperate effort to ward off regulation of unhealthy food to children".

The campaign group said a quick internet search had come up with examples of suppliers affiliated to SNACMA promoting their snacks to children. These included a Pringles tie-in with Spider-Man 3 and a Red Mill Foods link with the Transformers film in July.

But SNACMA insisted all its members abided by national laws and codes of practice on advertising.

"Our report was correct and we stand by what we've said. In accordance with the Ofcom ruling of 2006, SNACMA members do not advertise during any programmes during children's viewing," it said.