Irwin's bakery has created rolls aimed at children that contain super-nutrient Omega-3 and come in child-friendly dimensions.

Two of the 40g rolls provide 25% of the recommended daily amount of Omega-3, said to boost concentration and learning.

They also have the same fibre content as wholemeal bread and more calcium than a 200ml glass of milk, according to the Northern-Ireland based bakery.

"This really is a smart bread, offering some very important nutritional benefits for children, which will support their physical and educational development," said business development controller Michael Murphy.

"Omega-3 has been shown to offer clear health benefits protecting against coronary heart disease and recent studies have shown that it also has the potential to improve brain power among some children.

"We've developed this product as part of our school lunchbox range so that parents can include it in their child's daily term-time diet to help support their learning."

The school lunchbox range also includes kid-sized muffins and pancakes with added nutrients.

Irwin's already produces low GI bread and rolls, launched in January, and has added folic acid to all its bread since 2000.