Kikkoman is encouraging consumers to shake up their cooking with a culinary freebie.

It has 400,000 marinade and salad shakers to give away with its bottles of soy sauce or teriyaki marinade.

Neck collars on the bottles invite shoppers to send off for the clear acrylic shakers, which have a stopper similar to Kikkoman's red-capped dispenser. They are printed with measures and four easy recipes for barbecue marinades, dressings and sauces. "We are running the promotion across 400,000 bottles, which will give us excellent visual shelf impact - it's pleasing to offer a reward to loyal users," said sales and marketing manager Ben Briody.

The brand is also using a six-week TV campaign to herald the start of the barbecue season, in which Danny Boome, UKTV Food presenter, is filmed making four dishes using the soy sauce and teriyaki marinade.