Ferrero is adding a new countline to its Kinder Bueno range to help the brand appeal to an older age-group.

Kinder Bueno Eggs are bagged chocolate wafer mini eggs with a hazelnut cream filling and are targeted at young adults who impulse buy new products during the Easter season. A 130g pack contains 13 individually foil-wrapped eggs and retails for £1.99.

"The new eggs will appeal to people aged 16 to 30-years-old while all Kinder Surprise eggs will continue to provide a permissable treat for children," said impulse sales director Sarah Ingram.

To further encourage sales during the Easter period, Kinder Surprise will appear in 'spring bunnies'-themed packs with eight different bunnies for shoppers to collect.

Kinder Surprise, which combines a chocolate egg with a toy, is the second-largest standard filled egg behind Cadbury Créme Egg, according to Nielsen [17 weeks to 8 April, 2007].