Kingsland Wines and Spirits is introducing what it claims to be the world's lightest screwcap bottle.

The bottle, which makes its debut this week on a Tesco entry-level New World own-label wine, weighs just 300g compared with 420g for a standard size bottle. It was made using nearly 30% less glass than conventional bottles, but performed to the same standard, said David Christopher, supply development manager at the wine supplier. "We believe this bottle will become the future not just for UK wine, but also as a guide for global production," he said. "If all our UK customers switched to the lightweight bottle, we estimate the reduction in glass would cut CO2 emissions by more than 2,500 tonnes a year."

The Co-operative Group is next in line to use the new bottle, which was designed in partnership with Quinn Glass. The project has taken almost two years to complete.