Nestlé Rowntree reckons young men will go nuts over its newest Chunky Kit Kat variant, which has a layer of smooth peanut butter running through the centre of the bar.
Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter (rsp: 39p) has scored the highest ever mark in its brand taste tests and will be targeted at men looking for a lighter snack than some of the heavier chocolate bars.
Kit Kat Chunky will be supported by its first dedicated consumer campaign since its launch in 1999 - part of a planned £11m media spend on the Kit Kat brand this year - mainly through men’s magazines. Graham Walker, Nestlé Rowntree sales communications manager, said there was a whole new audience of 18 to 33-year-olds to whom the product had never been communicated.
“We believe this advertising will bring it to the forefront of their minds, inspiring them to go out and try it for themselves.”
He added that new orange packaging for Chunky would have good impact on shelf.