A new organic ale has been added to the exclusive beers Wychwood brews for Sainsbury. Kiwi Organic Ale has been added to Fire Crest and Red Kite which have been performing well in the multiple since their launch 18 months ago. Wychwood's sales and marketing director James Coyle said organic was a natural extension to these but a point of difference was required. Peter Hall in the UK is the major supplier of organic hops, the other major source is in New Zealand. Kiwi is also brewed with 10% wheat and retails at £1.59. Coyle said that Wychwood's 2001 new development programme will include a move into premium canned ales and a new summer beer is scheduled for launch in May. The main focus for the brewer is still on its Hobgoblin beer which Coyle said increased volume sales last year by 20%. {{DRINKS }}