from John Howard, marketing director, DBMC

SIR; I was heartened by Richard Clarke's comments that "slagging off imports" is the wrong way to make consumers care more about provenance (Meat & Fish supplement, April 8, p3).
With globalisation bringing more competition, taking potshots at foreign producers could become the easy - and dare I say it lazy - option. Nobody is suggesting that where a product comes from is irrelevant, or that producers shouldn't use country of origin in their marketing.
But it raises a wider point for the food industry: how it positions and promotes itself.
Building and maintaining consumer confidence underpins all of our futures. But by focusing on negatives and finger-pointing the industry will only succeed in storing up unhelpful associations and eroding the very trust that it craves.
Instead of automatically knocking the competition, it should be looking to excite and motivate consumers through a celebration of strengths - whether that's taste, superior quality, versatility or image
It's only by focusing on the positives that the industry will create a compelling argument for consumer confidence..