New Covent Garden Soup brand owner S Daniels has revealed plans to diversify the coveted label in a bid to offset losses suffered by its foodservice business.
Chief executive Rob Burnett said: "We have a strong brand with New Covent Garden. We feel there are a lot of opportunities to stretch it into other chilled markets, so we will move into a new area which we aim to extend to all the multiples."
He would not unveil precise details, but added: "It will be a completely different range offering complementary growth in chilled convenience markets where our brand presence will help to grow sales." He said he hopes to see the range launched within the next 12 months.
Foodservice sales at S Daniels suffered badly in the wake of the terrorist attacks in America on September 11 after a reduction in orders from the aviation and tourism industries.
However, Burnett said, the company had seen sales growth of almost 10% in its Soup of the Month range and had improved its market share of chilled soups to 5% over the past year.
The company also launched fresh fruit portions, fruit smoothies and adult smoothies in Prê´ a Manger in May.
and Burnett said the results for that had been positive so far.