Contrasting approaches to gender-specific marketing this week.

Coors, in an effort to convince us that beer bellies look as good on women as they do on male darts players, has launched an initiative to "remove the gender imbalance that exists around beer consumption". Because it's sexism that stops women drinking gallons of lager, not that they prefer stuff that won't make them fat, gassy and possibly violent.

The so-called BitterSweet Partnership plans to "break down the barriers between women and beer" - such as their boyfriends, presumably. The ruse includes "education programmes about the benefits of beer", which sounds rather like Blogof's time at college.

Meanwhile, the iconic yet terminally unfashionable Wagon Wheel, so beloved by your dad, is unashamedly targeting men.

Maker Burton's has tag-teamed up with World Wrestling Entertainment to demonstrate its manly, not-at-all-homoerotic credentials. Kids can win event tickets, themed Top Trumps - and even a visit to their school from a WWE star. However , a burly man in rubber Y-fronts hanging around the school gates might prove contentious with parents.