A computer glitch led to chaos at Tesco supermarkets earlier this week after excited lager lovers dashed to stores to buy 24 cans or bottles of Carling, Fosters and Budweiser for just £4.

Security staff are reported to have intervened to prevent shoppers from taking advantage of the malfunction.

The promotion was supposed to offer a £4 discount on two cases of 12 cans – which would normally retail for £20. But tills read the promotion incorrectly, and charged shoppers just £4, instead of £16.

News of the offer reached Martin Lewis’s moneysavingexpert.com and exploded over the internet. Thirsty shoppers are said to have run back and forth to their cars with crates of lager, buying as much as possible.

“There was a temporary systems glitch earlier which has already been resolved,” a spokesman for Tesco said yesterday.

The chaos follows a similar incident earlier this month when tills at Tesco stores in Scotland registered a deal offering three boxes of various alcoholic drinks for £20 as three for £11 instead.

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