Lamb producers now have a stable market and need to concentrate on building consumer demand, claimed meat bosses.
Speaking at the annual Lloyd Maunder Lamb Day, Jane Connor, senior economic analyst with the Meat and Livestock Commission, said the major ups and downs were over.
“The UK lamb flock seems to be settling at around 16.3 million ewes, some 12% less than prior to FMD, and after the wild gyrations of prices in 2003, there seems to be a flatter seasonal price curve.”
She told farmers not to rely on the Single Farm Payment and
focus on ensuring their business operated without it.
“Review your fixed costs and strive for higher output per ewe, keeping in mind what the market wants as finished lambs.”
Andrew Maunder, commercial director of Lloyd Maunder, said that the company was continuing to focus on new product ideas, launching 15 new products in 2003.