Difficult target Consumers aged under 45 are well known as a difficult target for lamb promotion campaigns. Less obvious is the reason for interpreting the skewed age distribution of buyers as a problem. After all, the over 45s are an increasing proportion of the population and in some markets are welcomed for their relatively high discretionary purchasing power. As total lamb consumption seems to have at least stabilised since the early 1990s, it could be claimed the age bias is now a recurring pattern, rather than the more dangerous 'vintage effect' with its implicit risk of the purchasing habit dying out. Nevertheless, Meat New Zealand UK manager John Mabb says his new £1m print advertising campaign featuring chef Peter Gordon is pitched "to attract younger consumers to lamb". Meanwhile, although fears of supply disruption due to flooding in NZ's South Island are fading, the initial cause for concern is conveyed by the reported comment of a local industry leader on his producers' difficulties: "They could handle the first five inches of rain. It was the second five that did the damage." {{MEAT }}