Two ports in the UK have enjoyed bumper landings ­ just after the UN issued a statement confirming the general view that fish farming was going to be the only way to keep supplies moving. Peterhead, hardest hit of the Scottish ports during the fishing ground closures just over a year ago, has seen fish landings jump significantly. With more than two thousand boxes landed each day during the last few weeks, the port has almost doubled its fish supplies from six months ago. But there is still a long way to go if the port is to reach the 5,000 boxes a day of 18 months ago. The other UK port enjoying a surge in fish is Grimsby. A good supply from the Faroes and Ireland have seen huge quantities of stock on offer. Cod, haddock and plaice seem particularly plentiful. However, with next to no supply from Iceland, the Hull fish market has been very quiet, with some saying this April has been disastrous. But May should show a significant pick up as Iceland makes a concerted effort to re-establish the market in Hull. Many fish are due to start spawning soon, so a drop in landings is expected. But supply generally looks set to stay high, although this will affect prices which are already low. {{MEAT }}