High-profile independent retailer Kishor Patel is the first c-store owner in the UK to trial a new smartphone app that lets shoppers scan and pay for up to 10 items.

The Mini Checkout app is the first targeted at smaller stores. It was invented by Canadian tech start-up Terra Bite and is being marketed in the UK by Retail Merchandising Services (RMS). The app takes 1.5% of a transaction, similar to a chip & PIN transaction. Patel, who owns seven stores, is trialling the app at his Nisa store in Hemel Hempstead.

“We are targeting the c-stores and the independents - there are 39,000 in the UK, with a turnover of £30bn a year, and we are sure we will have it in a few more stores in a short time,” said RMS CEO Peter O’Toole. “Because it’s a c-store people are buying a sandwich, a drink and some crisps, so for store owners there is less risk of theft than a trolley-full of shopping at a supermarket. The reaction from staff and customers has been really positive.”

The app is currently available for Android phones. An iPhone version is expected in January.