Nisa has reported early success from its new contract with McColl’s Retail Group.

McColl’s and Nisa confirmed a deal in June this year for Nisa to supply 330 of McColl’s estimated 680 c-stores. Palmer & Harvey has continued to supply the rest of its c-store estate, as well as its circa 580 CTNs.

This week, Nisa said that since June it had rolled out deliveries to 230 c-stores, with the number increasing by around 11 stores a week.

The deal with McColl’s had so far increased its volumes by 1.8 million cases, or £27m in value terms, it added. This was rising weekly as more stores came on board.

“We’ve been delighted with the service Nisa has offered us to support a rapid rollout to our stores,” said McColl’s chief operating officer Martyn Aguss.

James Roberts, head of commercial operations and member service at Nisa, added: “McColl’s has a very clear strategy to develop its convenience store business and we believe we are best placed to help them deliver that strategy. We’re pleased with the service we have provided so far.”

The rollout is expected to be completed by the end of November.