The Co-operative Group is considering following Waitrose’s lead by giving its members money off products via its membership card.

The society’s Have Your Say online survey, launched this week to gather views from shoppers, staff and members on its future, revealed The Co-op is mulling ideas to encourage more people to use its stores.

Among the five ideas listed was “reducing prices on thousands of everyday products for people who have signed up as a member of The Co-operative”.

The idea mirrors that of Waitrose’s successful myWaitrose card, which offers cardholders money off certain products, as well as free items such as coffee or a newspaper.

However, The Co-op stressed in the survey: “These are just ideas for areas where The Co-operative could become more active in the future”.

Other ideas included: making Co-op stores more community focused by offering space for local clubs or services; increasing investment in staff; creating a national volunteering website; and recruiting community organisers to “become the heartbeat of the community”.

The survey revealed The Co-op was also considering new options for profit distribution. Currently, a share of profits is distributed to members on the basis of how much they have spent in the previous six months.

Options being considered include: evenly distributing it among members; investing in local communities; modernising stores; and lowering prices and offering more discounts.