Waitrose scored three out of 25 for mobile navigation

Waitrose scored three out of 25 for mobile navigation

The Waitrose website was offline for more than 24 hours this week as it introduced a “significant” upgrade to its online shop - but there’s still no sign of a transactional app.

With The Grocer conducting its first-ever mobile Grocer 33 mystery shopping survey, Waitrose scored just three out of 25 for mobile navigation, as the mystery shopper was forced to access the main Waitrose.com site from her iPhone.

Waitrose lagged way behind supermarket rivals, with Ocado’s app returning a perfect 25.

The orders were carried out last week (2 October) but Waitrose insists the upgrades to the site, which went live on 7 October, would have made shopping from an iPhone easier.

New features include creating a favourites list, making the basket visible throughout the shop to enable the customer to remove items quickly and a jotter multi-search function, in which shoppers can search for up to 50 items at a time and add them to their baskets.

Multibuy offers that have been missed are now also highlighted at the end of the shop.