Vinnie Jones’ successor as the face of Bacardi rum is an “up and coming” Italian actor, The Grocer can reveal.
Raoul Bova will replace the disgraced star, who was officially dropped as the brand’s
ambassador two weeks ago following a conviction for a drunken air rage assault (The Grocer, April 3 p68).
Bacardi-Martini said Bova, currently starring in the film ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’, was chosen for his “strong Latin looks” and because “he embodies the spontaneity, passion and energy of Bacardi rum”. Bova will take the lead role in the next Bacardi TV commercial, which is expected to hit screens this summer.
It has not yet been decided whether the rum’s ‘Latin Quarter’ strapline will survive the change of celebrity.
Buyers welcomed news of the signing, adding that it ended months of concern over how Bacardi would replicate the success the company claimed Jones had brought to the brand.
One senior spirits buyer at a leading multiple said: “Although I think he’s more famous in America, Bacardi believes he is an up-and-coming star here.
“The rationale for using this actor is that his looks give him more of an association with Latin America than Vinnie Jones’ appearance did.”
Rosie Davenport