The two biggest brands in the laundry sector are joining forces in a high-profile launch by Unilever UK Home and Personal Care, The Grocer can reveal.
Persil with Essence of Comfort unites market leader Persil powder and number two brand Comfort, which have a combined value of more than £175m (The Grocer Top
Products Survey ACNielsen w/e October 2, 2004). Owner Unilever HPC predicted the dual brand would reinvigorate the laundry category.
A source told The Grocer: “We have high hopes for this brand. It will be the first time two such large brands have been thrown together in the detergents market. We are already talking to retailers.”
The product is likely to benefit from the strong brand recognition already enjoyed by both Persil and Comfort.
Jay Liwanag, Persil brand manager, said: “Associating Persil with Comfort is perceived to be a natural alliance between two brands with a longstanding heritage in laundry.”
She added consumers were prepared to pay a premium for innovative detergents: “Persil is growing the laundry category with this product by offering consumers the opportunity to trade up into premium innovations, which will deliver significant value for retailers.”
Persil with Essence of Comfort will benefit from a £5m support package, which will kick off in July and include TV, radio and posters. It will be available in a bio format in powders, tablets and a 1.5-litre liquid bottle.
Stefan Chomka