Sir, First, Heinz moves production to the Netherlands, the acidity drops in the product, then it takes out the flavour via salt reduction and moves it again to Spain ('Messing with a classic brand can leave a bitter aftertaste', 17 September). Next stop Guantánamo Bay where it will be stripped of all of its rights and personality. Heinz should be taken to a good English public school and soundly flogged for total negligence of responsibility and the "needs" of its customers.

What will Keith Richards do, if the Stones (another English icon soon to disappear) ever tour again? He certainly will not have the new recipe (awful) flown to all corners of the world to adorn the side of his breakfast plate. The Yanks killed off the pancake for breakfast when corn-fuelled syrup breakfast slop replaced the proper maple stuff. Personally, I am going to start buying up stocks of Lea & Perrins before the little Heinz men get their test tubes on it.

Simon Dunn, founder and director, Product Chain