InBev UK has launched another extension to its Leffe brand as part of its commitment to speciality beers in the UK.

Leffe Radieuse has been on trial in Sainsbury for the last few months and strong sales have led to the bottled beer brand taking a full listing with the retailer, alongside Leffe Brun.

The red-coloured Radieuse is described as having the fruity flavours of banana, citrus fruit, coriander and cloves, with a mild sharpness. Take home MD Stuart MacFarlane said: "It has done well in Sainsbury and we plan to keep it in."

In May 2005 when InBev launched Artois Bock - a premium extension to its Belgium Stella Artois lager brand - the producer said it would be investing in its Leffe brand as part of its commitment to the speciality beer segment in the UK.

"Leffe has a whole host of brand extensions and I think over time we will launch and develop more of the range," said MacFarlane.

Meanwhile, the Blonde variant of the Belgium beer now ranks at number two among the off-trade speciality segment behind InBev's Hoegaarden, while Leffe Brun stands at number four after Kronenbourg Blanc, according to ACNielsen [year ending 22 April 2006].

"Speciality beers are flying and they have bene-fited from a really good year," said MacFarlane.