The Meat and Livestock Commission's pigmeat operations have come under fire from one of the UK's biggest producers.
Grampian Country Pork chief executive Grant Mackie said that MLC's staff faced "mission impossible" in turning round the fortunes of the pig sector because of the organisation's structure.
Speaking at the National Pig Association's autumn conference, he said the world had moved on since it was set up, with massive consolidation in both the processing and retail sectors.
A general levy on producers of 40p per pig slaughtered and 65p for promotion represented a major addition to producer costs.
And he slammed the way the cash was used saying 80% was wasted.
Mackie said the industry needed a "lean, mean organisation" which could supply quality statistics at a cost of no more than 3p to 5p per pig.
He also called for the promotion levy to be scrapped, because half the pig products sold in Britain were imported, therefore half the levy was spent promoting the competition.
"We're giving a leg-up to the Danes," he protested.
However, Stewart Houston, NPA executive director and recently appointed MLC commissioner, said there should be a moratorium of at least two years on MLC funding to give the industry's Road to Recovery plan a chance.