lSir, The coalition brings together two parties both committed (pre-election) to letting the big cider duty hike lapse at the end of June. Fingers crossed it happens.

However, if a duty hike does come in, it will mean another round of conversations with retailers about pricing and that can mean a lot of work, especially for smaller producers. All of which highlights the big issue for us about duty.

The investment cycle for the cider industry is measured in decades apples do grow on trees but only several years after they are planted.

Yet it is the innovation and, vitally, the investment of cider makers that has transformed the category. That transformation has meant greater choice for consumers, increased value for retailers, investment into the rural economy (through new orchards planted) and dramatically more revenue to the government a virtuous circle, all in a period when we enjoyed a stable duty regime.

The new government has a massive deficit to fund and we can represent a case study to say less is more so provide us with a long-term and stable policy on duty, challenge us to continue to act responsibly and let us get on with it.

Working with retailers we will increase consumer choice through further innovation and investment and the Treasury can expect to see more money roll in as we grow the category surely they will drink to that?

Henry Chevallier, chair, National Association of Cider Makers