Pre-Christmas activity at RHM Frozen Foods includes new varieties of Mr Kipling frozen slices, a square Rhubarb Pie, a limited edition Cadburyland Buttons Cake and three new Cadbury Chocolate Gateaux. Three new slices ­ Carrot Cake, Blueberry and Toffee and Banana ­ all sport Mr Kipling's new livery. Aimed at younger people, they are positioned as quick treats (rsp: £1.99 for six). Packaging for Chocolate, The Big and Heavenly gateaux (£1.99-£2.99), is purple to capitalise on the Cadbury association, while The Buttons cake (£1.69) ­ with a bag of Buttons for decoration ­ is a white chocolate version of last year's launch. Cadbury Choc Stops are also relaunched. {{P&P }}