Let's see more pork in sandwiches

Jane E Conder Chairman, Ladies in Pigs Sir;We see the traditional BLT, roast beef or chicken on the sandwich and snack shelves, but what about the best and healthiest of the lot - good British cold roast pork? ('New frontiers for a classic staple', The Grocer, 28 July, p41) Pork is low fat, succulent, rich in vitamins and minerals and great value. Pork tenderloin can also be used, and is delicious served in wraps and fajitas when stir-fried with a little chilli or BBQ spice and tossed with salad. Another healthy option is the sausage sandwich using British Quality Standard Mark sausages. These are high in meat and, with so many choices in flavour, there is something for all ages and tastes. So let's see supermarkets, sandwich bars and petrol stations boost their sales, the health of the nation, and the British Pig Industry by using more pork.