I am writing to express my support for The Grocer's Weigh It Up campaign.

It's very difficult for parents to give their kids a healthy balanced diet. As we all know, children like sweet, sugary food and a lot of them won't eat fruit and, particularly, vegetables.

But I've yet to find an obese child that's been eating too many raisins or too much cheese. I think the Food Standards Agency has come up with an overly simplistic system.

It's very important that parents give their kids a proper breakfast. Some of the cereals are over-sugared. But if advertisers are not able to promote even fibre-rich cereals such as bran flakes, or cholesterol-reducing products such as porridge, or muesli, which contains healthy grains, seeds and other nutrients, there's clearly something wrong. Raisins contain natural sugars and are an excellent alternative to sweets. Far better for a child to eat a natural product like that than to drink a can of fizzy pop or squash that's full of artificial sweeteners and E numbers.

If the government had genuinely profiled all products by their nutrient value - considering this in the context in which they are consumed, the portion and the frequency - that would be an excellent and useful basis for determining a ban. But, as usual, it has created unworkable legislation.