One was tempted to think that recent events surrounding the vegetarian suitability of Mars products, first revealed by The Grocer, amounted to a carefully timed National Vegetarian Week publicity stunt ('Vegetarians furious as Mars bars go off limits', The Grocer, 12 May, p8). The timing of National Vegetarian Week, which has been running all this week, has added a topical edge to the media coverage, but the truth of the matter is that even we were rather taken aback by the speed and scale of the public response to announcements that some of the best known confectionery brands in the UK were being manufactured with non-vegetarian whey. But we shouldn't have been surprised. Of course vegetarians were outraged. Not only were favourite brands being placed out of bounds, but a spokesperson for Masterfoods was suggesting that most veggies wouldn't really mind! Vegetarians deserve respect from the industry. The FSA backs the Vegetarian Society's definition of what is and is not suitable for vegetarians, so there is no room for doubt. The Vegetarian Society's door is always open to companies seeking to better serve vegetarians, whether through information sharing or taking up our accreditation scheme.