Sir: I read with interest Marcus McAllister’s post last week, in which he said he would terminate his syndicate with Camelot and switch to £1 The Health Lottery because he was angered by Lotto’s price doubling. His is not the only syndicate that is going to have to make that tough decision.

All Lotto syndicates will have to reconsider how they approach the price rise, as will Lotto direct debit customers, who face the messy process of having to resubmit their direct debits during September.

Meanwhile, in-store Lotto customers will be left feeling the price-rise at the till and the impact will have to be absorbed by the retailer. It would be a foolhardy grocer who doubled the price of a pint of milk or a loaf of bread and still expected his customers to be happy.

At a time when household income is under real pressure, the decision to double Lotto ticket prices looks badly timed. I am happy to be able to say that Health Lottery tickets will be staying at £1, and that we welcome Marcus and his syndicate and wish him luck.

Dominic Mansour, CEO, The Health Lottery