Sir: Fruit is more than sugar. Enough of this shallow reductionism, false equivalency and sensationalism. The five-a-day campaign exists because a great many smart, concerned people around the world understand perfectly well that the simplest, clearest, most high-leverage nutritional step we can take is to eat plenty of wholefoods (ie fruit & veg).

So you can appreciate the frustration and disappointment felt across the wholefood community upon seeing the unhelpful and misleading headline in The Sunday Times ‘Five-a-day foods packed with sugar’ (12 January). This reckless headline alone does a great deal of harm and is wildly counterproductive to the five-a-day cause. After acknowledging the importance of the five-a-day campaign, the article proceeds via simplistic reductionism to imply ‘sugar is bad, fruit has sugar and therefore fruit is bad’.

Schizophrenically, the article then turns to demonise even portion-controlled, calorie controlled products made entirely from raw fruit and nuts, without any added sugars, such as Nakd bars. The contradiction of being for the five-a-day campaign but somehow against raw fruit products is utterly inexplicable. The Sunday Times has recklessly sowed confusion, undermined a worthy cause and slandered our good name.

Jamison Combs, founder and MD, Natural Balance Foods