Sir: I read with interest your feature ‘How to Score with Shoppers’ (31 August), and can concur that making PoS memorable is indeed a challenge, but one that may only be overcome with research techniques probing deep into the non-conscious.

Where the article fell short is in the explanation of what really happens when shoppers encounter PoS. As shoppers slow down after entering the store and start to shop, they move from conscious into the beta or non-conscious mode in which most shopping is carried out. It is therefore important to research shopper behaviour in beta mode to unlock the ‘rules’ for effective engagement.

Determining non-conscious brand visual attributes (BVIs) can be of particular importance to inform effective PoS. In addition, consideration of sensory aspects and level of consonance required between the brand, pack and product will also help to build engaging PoS.

Caroline Capel, director of retail and shopper insights, MMR