Sir: I was much in agreement with Jody Scheckter’s recent Saturday Essay (‘Let’s make Frankenburgers redundant’, 7 September), in particular regarding the need for more sustainable farming practices and ‘fair prices’.

However, my Danish pig farming colleagues will be dismayed by his comment that “a flood of cheaper imports from countries such as Denmark, where farming standards are much lower, have led to the demise of UK pig farming”.

The fact that the volumes of Danish pork and bacon sold in Britain have actually shown a slight decline over the last five years hardly supports the notion of a biblical flood.

While British producers can highlight the unilateral regulation, which banned the use of stalls for pregnant sows in Britain in 1999, Danish producers would point to an array of environmental rules introduced by their government since the mid-1980s, which have also placed them at a competitive disadvantage to all their European competitors.

Denmark, however, can amply demonstrate a commitment to high and strictly enforced standards in animal health and welfare.

John Howard, market director (UK), Danish Agriculture & Food Council