Sir: We’re flattered that Kellogg’s has joined us in the breakfast biscuit category (‘Nutri-Grain enters the breakfast biscuit arena’, 9 June, p22). However, we would like to clear up some of the figures quoted by Ian MacKenzie.

The SymphonyIRI data shows that penetration of Belvita Breakfast rose from 5.9% to 12.1% in 2010 to 2011 and to 16.9% in the year to 19 May 2012. Uplifts of 6.2 and 4.8 percentage points respectively represent very aggressive growth and can hardly be described as having ‘stalled’.

If this represents a plateau for Belvita Breakfast, we would quite happily continue to plateau at the current rate over the next few years.

Rahul Gursahani, senior brand manager for Belvita Breakfast