Sir: We’re sorry to hear that Joanna Blythman is frustrated about our event meat Free May (‘In defence of meat,’ 3 May, p21) as we wholeheartedly agree that sustainably sourced high-welfare meat and fish needs champions. But it’s not enough to just eat better meat - we also need to eat less meat (and fish) as even good meat has a major environmental footprint.

The public need tools and guidance on eating less and better. Our Young Friends of the Earth network is running Meat Free May as a pilot to promote ways for people to move carefully towards less and better meat, fish and dairy. We did a trial run with a meat-free month and found it does help high meat eaters cut back and make better choices. Our campaign packs and materials help you to do that in ways Blythman would, we believe, approve.

Meat Free May is a step towards a much-needed longer term shift, which the farming industry can respond to if it chooses to, and some farmers are already on board.

Vicki Hird, Friends of the Earth food campaigner