Sir: We were disappointed to read last week’s Critical Eye (The Grocer, 5 January) on the Channel 5 programme ‘50 Shocking Facts about Diet and Exercise’ and would like to clear up a few ‘facts’.

The section of the programme on bread contained a number of inaccurate, irresponsible and misleading statements regarding the content and nutritional effects of plant-baked bread that were falsely presented as facts.

Among them was the ‘fact’ about mass-produced bread containing a processing aid made from chicken feathers. This is not true. Chicken feathers are not used in the production of plant-baked bread and all ingredients used are suitable for vegetarians.

Please take more care, when recycling ‘facts’, to check their validity. Bread is a key part of the British diet and, despite the claims in the programme, there is no reason consumers should not continue to enjoy it as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Gordon Polson, director, Federation of Bakers

Editor’s response: For the record, we conducted a quick check online and found there’s a processing aid called L-Cysteine that can be derived from chicken feathers and used in the making of bread. Clearly there’s a difference between ‘can be’ and ‘is’, so thank you for the clarification.