Sir: I feel there was a distinct lack of entrepreneurship shown by retailers in relation to the birth of Prince George after being glued to the TV for pretty much 48 hours, imagine the release of endorphins felt by consumers when our future king finally arrived - and what a beautiful (if short-term) golden opportunity for retailers.

George at Asda certainly made the most of it, and must have been rubbing their hands when the bookies made George the favourite in the name poll. Their product and PoS teams would have worked tirelessly and speculatively to get this ready, and they’re to be congratulated.

Events like a royal birth offer retailers and brands great hooks that appeal to consumers, who are arguably becoming more spontaneous in their shopping behaviour.

However, the most important factor for retailers is that running short-term rebrands linked to national ‘feelgood’ events creates ‘money can’t buy’ word of mouth - which is a marketer’s nirvana for creating a bottom-line benefit, and sustains long after excitement around the event disappears.

Paul Soanes, managing partner, Worth Retail