Sir: Your feature highlighting card payments are on the rise is very timely (‘Is the dawn of Near Field Comms further away than we think?’ 29 June)Recent studies show businesses that take card payments can increase takings by up to 15%. Now is clearly the time to look at more secure and flexible methods of payment.

Paying with cards is behaviour that’s been ingrained over decades and will not change in the very near future. There are also many security issues with contactless payments that need to be resolved. Only recently, university researchers in Newcastle created an app that can read these cards, taking the data criminals would need to plunder accounts.

Given security concerns and the delays in gaining consumer confidence in new methods, outlets need to look towards other options such as mobile Chip & PIN solutions to increase sales while protecting customers’ security.

Technology supplier Micros is already providing businesses with cloud-based PoS solutions with integrated mobile Chip & PIN card payment technology. This is the immediate future of card payments and smaller retailers in particular should think twice before using new unproven technology.

Ian Marsh, UK CEO, Payleven