Sir: I read your Daily Bread blog on how ‘click & collect must stand & deliver’ (, 23 August) and have to agree that today the UK model doesn’t go far enough.

In France click & collect/drive has become big business and with 20% of the French population using it the reason for success is clear. Time from order to collection is as little as two hours. Shoppers are guaranteed to have items put into the back of their car within five minutes of arrival, and there is the option to top up your order at the point of collection. Convenience is at the heart of the French offer.

UK retailers are currently merging shopping online and in-store with a mature home delivery model to create a proposition that at the moment isn’t seen as ‘convenient’ by shoppers. But there is merit in click & collect and it’s about understanding the motives of the shopper. Sixty eight per cent of French shoppers using click & collect are families with small children, which is why French retailer Auchan recently ran a campaign picturing a sulky two-year old and the message ‘My mother told me the tantrum times at the checkout are over’.

There is a future in click & collect for grocery, but only if we tackle the real issue that this service demands - real-time inventory visibility committed at the point of order.

Mark Croxton, head of global customer support, Symphony EYC