Sir, I am delighted we have now announced the first group of companies leading the way on calorie reduction, even more so as it will expose recent press cynicism over industry’s commitment to this work as inaccurate and misleading.

This collective effort - as part of the Public health Responsibility Deal - is a crucial first step towards enabling consumers to achieve the five billion calorie reduction challenge set out by Andrew Lansley in the Call to Action on obesity.

It includes a broad range of companies and will act in synergy with other initiatives, including Change4Life, to provide the information people need to make healthier choices.

Delivering this will take time - it is a marathon not a sprint. But business is superbly placed to deploy the full range of its commercial and marketing acumen, including carefully calibrated portion size changes, incentive schemes, and other “nudge” strategies to guide and encourage us all to consume fewer calories.

My focus is now on building momentum and engaging with a more diverse range of companies, including SMEs.

Dr Susan Jebb, chair of the Public Health Responsibility Deal Food Network