Sir: There are many reasons to have gripes with the government, but I have a particular grievance with George Osborne as he looks to fully abolish Sunday trading laws (‘Campaign for Sunday trading ‘out of time”, 18 August). When you have high-profile retailers such as Justin King coming out in protest at a move you would think would be beneficial to them, that’s a clear sign that it would be foolish.

The initial relaxation of the laws was completely understandable considering the expected upsurge in the capital’s population during the Olympics. However, there’s zero evidence to show an extra few hours trading on a Sunday would help our economy.

Sunday trading laws aren’t an archaic ritual that needs bringing up to date, rather they are an important institution that needs to be preserved in the face of the increasingly 24/7 society, both in terms of quality of life and family values.

Those in favour act as if you can’t buy a pint of milk on a Sunday for lack of shops being open! Furthermore, online shopping is available for those who desperately need it. For the smallest of monetary gains, we’d be punishing small and independent businesses, as well as putting an incredible strain on family life and the workers who will be called upon.

Sacrificing something as precious as that is not worth the token gain of being able to do your weekly shop late on Sundays. It’s not the Olympic legacy we’re expecting”

Daniel Todaro, MD, Gekko