Sir: I was pleased to see that Marlow Foods has been forced to change the misleading name of its pasty (“Quornish’ pasty claim falls foul of PGI regulations,’ 23 June).

It’s great to see Trading Standards responding to concerns about authenticity of products and taking immediate action to ensure the integrity of PGI status so non-compliant products can no longer carry it.

Since the Cornish pasty was awarded PGI status by the EU last July, Trading Standards has been ensuring pasty producers that label their products as Cornish pasties are complying with the legal requirements.

PGI status benefits the Cornish economy as more business is likely to gravitate towards the county, which will increase the number of jobs and strengthen the local economy. The Cornish pasty industry is Cornwall’s most important food manufacturing sector, recently estimated by the Cornish Pasty Association to be worth £280m.

Not only will this decision discourage other companies from trying to label products misleadingly, it will help safeguard the future of the industry and give customers the reassurance that they are getting the genuine article.

Mark Muncey, CPA chairman