Sir: The recent national media coverage around sugar has highlighted that, unfortunately, some still take an over-simplistic approach to tackling obesity (‘CASH heaps the pressure on suppliers with sugar switch,’ 11 January, p14).

Sugars, or any other nutrient for that matter, consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet are not a cause of obesity, to which there is no simple or single solution.

Action on Sugar’s efforts to cast the nutrient as the ‘new tobacco’ are also fundamentally misleading and irresponsible.

The food industry remains committed to working on a broad range of initiatives with other players and I believe demonising individual ingredients and foods does not help people to build a realistic approach to their diet.

Food policy should be based on science. We welcome that the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition, an independent expert committee, is due to publish its extensive review of the evidence of the role of carbohydrates including sugar in the diet this summer.

Barbara Gallani, director of regulation, science and health, Food and Drink Federation