Aldi Christmas Advert Image web

The Aldi Christmas 2017 advert starring Katie the carrot 

Sir, Seasonal ad spend and the battle of the Christmas campaigns peaked last week. Amid the creativity and emotion, there remains a disparity between the navel-gazing of the advertising industry and building a relationship with shoppers and earning their loyalty.

Creativity has its place. But recently the emphasis on delivering a festive ‘big splash’ has overtaken the fundamental need for campaigns that deliver real emotional and transactional cut through for brands all year round.

Christmas aside, we have seen brand advertising shift to focus on portraying products as the answer to our life dramas: ‘They’re not just frozen chips - they are the glue holding families together.’ Some retailers do it eloquently and build a relationship with customers that exists through the line and into the store. Others, sadly, build a hyper-emotional brand image that too often ends in disappointment in store. It remains to be seen if the seasonal splurge will be a tradition that ultimately dies out but it’s not currently looking likely. Where we mustn’t lose focus is by placing too much emphasis on YouTube views and social shares over driving trade and long-term value. It’s the customer who is king, after all.

Seb Hill, global marketing director, TCC Global