Sir: The recent Lords report made some positive recommendations on how to tackle the 14.8 million tonnes of food waste produced across the UK (‘Are the Lords wasting their energy in berating bogfs?’ The Grocer, 12 April, p14).

However, what is important to note when FareShare CEO Lindsay Boswell states more should go to humans and animals rather than AD is the issue of food safety.

This is a paramount issue for supermarkets and fmcg brands. Furthermore, certain foods - such as fresh meats, fish and milk - are unable to be utilised by food banks.

These are the most common items disposed of by retailers. European legislation also exists on sending food waste for animal feed to protect against the spreading of disease in the food chain and to avoid the risk of unwittingly feeding animal proteins to livestock for human consumption.

No business wastes food needlessly - it doesn’t make commercial sense. What’s vital is that all in the grocery sector operate to the food waste hierarchy, ensuring that waste is put to the most suitable use - be it food banks, animal feed, fertiliser or energy.

Philip Simpson, commercial director, ReFood