Sir: Retailer financial management may well be happy with the great rate of cash turn. But Easter eggs have become areas where retailers cut the price of products people would buy at full price (The Grocer, 6 April). This achieves great demand at low margin (and little room to move).

The result is shoppers getting very angry when they can’t buy. They talk to each other on Twitter and Facebook. Our Big Data analysis of these shows that while all retailers offended, Sainsbury’s suffered by far the most complaints (adjusted for market share), followed by Asda and Morrisons. Tesco and Waitrose had the fewest issues.

Waitrose can’t be complacent, though. While the overwhelming emotion all round was anger, Waitrose customers were highest by far on ‘disgusted’ as well as on the percentage of messaging with an emotion attached (20%). Brand reputations have suffered accordingly.

Brands and retailers need to take a vital interest in availability if they want to maintain reputations and shopper loyalty.

Colin Harper, MD, Storecheck Marketing