Sir: I was not impressed with the ‘Farmed & dangerous’ headline on the meat fish & poultry feature about fish farming and in particular salmon farming (‘Farmed & dangerous?’ 26 April, p50).

However, I was not surprised given that millions of dollars have been spent in the US with the specific aim of discrediting the salmon farming industry. Independent research has found that the David & Lucile Packard Foundation has funded 56 different organisations in an attempt to sway the market against farmed salmon, for example.

It’s been suggested the main reason for ‘the demarketing of farmed salmon’ is the protection of the US wild salmon fishery. Although much of the funding has ceased, the sentiments still exist as can be seen from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch programme this week retaining a red listing on farmed salmon.

It is inevitable that some anti-salmon farming views have found their way into Europe. Greenpeace’s Willie Mackenzie seems to want to keep salmon the preserve of the privileged, writing in a recent blog that a better choice is wild-caught Pacific salmon. What he doesn’t say is that many wild-caught salmon from Alaska started life being farmed in a hatchery.

Dr Martin Jaffa, Callander McDowell

The Editor writes: In our defence, there was a question mark in the headline!