Sir: I found your ‘Focus on Oils’ (24 May, p57) most informative and comprehensive. However, in the box on advertising, your headline incorrectly said ‘Filippo Berio on TV after six-year gap’.

Filippo Berio is proud to be the only olive oil brand to have advertised on TV continuously for six years. This year’s campaign was the biggest for over five years and involved a new creative treatment - travelling back to 19th century Tuscany and telling the story of our brand’s birth.

Filippo Berio has a remarkable brand story, which is a genuine differentiator. The importance to shoppers of this history was reaffirmed by extensive consumer research. The commercial was viewed by more than 38 million adults and achieved our highest-ever brand awareness.

Lisa Mullins, marketing manager, Filippo Berio UK

The Editor writes: we are sorry for the error. We also want to apologise for the missing final page of this report, caused by a production error. The full report is available to view at and we have unlocked it so it is viewable to all.