Sir, The recent exposé of alleged safety breaches at a 2 Sisters processing plant, and the subsequent widening of the FSA investigation into other plants owned by the same business, highlights potential concerns in the management and regulation of food safety.

The allegations couldn’t come at a more pertinent time as the FSA continues to consult on its ‘Regulating our Future’ programme ahead of big changes in the way food businesses are regulated and inspected across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The FSA has indicated that some businesses are so low risk that they won’t merit inspection under the new regime. In order for this approach to work, businesses must surely be required to demonstrate that they have a company-wide food safety system in place and, crucially, that it is implemented and monitored across the business.

It is difficult to see how food businesses will be able to demonstrate that systems are being implemented on the ground unless they are subject to inspection, however. Which leaves me wondering how the FSA (and consumers) are going to be satisfied that our food is safe to eat.

Sian Edmunds, Partner, Burges Salmon LLP