Sir: Last week’s Green Issue demonstrated the achievements the fmcg sector has made on environmental issues but also the challenges that remain. The most insightful piece was the Him! survey looking at food waste, showing that while most people recognise food waste as a top three environmental concern, less than 50% recycle it as they have no means to do so.

Food waste is a valuable resource that has a significant carbon impact if left to rot in landfill. Industry is currently running a campaign - Vision 2020 - to demonstrate to government how the UK needs to adapt to be able to eradicate food waste from landfill and use it as a resource, be that as energy, animal feed or compost.

We need everyone involved in the food supply chain to sign up to the Vision’s goal to eradicate food waste from landfill by 2020 to help drive change. This would encourage greater uptake of recycling and develop the infrastructure required to handle all the food waste produced across the UK each year. Visit

Philip Simpson, commercial director, PDM Group